Jharkhand is one of the most vulnerable and high burden states in India with the level of under nutrition being higher than the national average which is 29.4%. It is alarming that more than 50% of children under five years of age are underweight in the state.

The Nutrition Mission and the Government of Jharkhand is piloting community based management of acute malnutrition (CMAM) to tackle the situation in Khunti district of Jharkhand that has the highest concentration of tribal populations in the state. The dearth of economic development coupled with an ongoing Maoist insurgency has forced many people to migrate out of the area. The district fares very poorly on all socioeconomic indicators including health.

Fight Hunger Foundation, through this programme, is providing technical advisory for implementation as well as policy and protocol development for management of children suffering from severe acute malnutrition. We are working towards creating a holistic model which is scalable and replicable.


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