Who we are

Photo: Sanjit Das

Fight Hunger Foundation was founded with a simple goal in mind: No more hungry children in India. No more deaths caused by starvation, no more of irreversible damage to mental or physical health due to lack of food and water. No more denying our children their basic human right to be free from hunger.

 Around 20% of India’s children underfive years oldsuffer from acute malnutrition-that is 8 million children. Undernutrition kills around 1 million of those children each year and is the reason behind 50% of all child deaths in India. In such a scenario, the Fight Hunger Foundation comes forth with a dedication to fight against malnutrition, and more specifically to the prevention, detection and treatment of acute malnutrition in children under five.

¬†India‚Äôs ‚Äėhunger belt‚Äô includes both underdeveloped rural areas and heavily populated urban ones. In an attempt to¬†addressboth, Fight Hunger Foundation is currently working with children and their families in the¬†urbanslums¬†of Mumbai‚Äôs Govandi¬†neighbourhood¬†and Palghar district in Maharashtra, as well as in the rural areas of Burhanpur and Dhar in Madhya Pradesh and Baran in Rajasthan.

 Fight Hunger Foundation’s strategy for fighting malnutrition is based on three pillars:

  1. Awareness-raising: Promoting the management of acute malnutrition as a priority for stakeholders including the Indian government, to influence effective change in policy and practice.

    Awareness Raising session in Burhanpur

  2. Community projects: Detection, treatment and prevention of malnutrition in hospitals, health centres and in communities.

  3. Research: To understand the underlying causes of acute malnutrition.

The fight against malnutrition is not limited to mere distribution of food. Despite the remarkable growth witnessed in India over the last decade, there are millions that continue to strive for such basic amenities as safe drinking water and sufficient food to survive on. Fight Hunger Foundation organises programs that help families in developing long-term sources of income, empowering them to become self-sufficient. We keep the following aims in mind: 

    • Agriculture and Livelihoods ‚Äď to provide communities with tools, seeds and the knowledge they need to feed themselves long into the future.
    • Income Generating Activities ‚Äď to give opportunities of self-reliance to communities, so they can work themselves out of poverty.
    • Water,¬†Sanitation¬†and Hygiene ‚Äď to ensure communities have a lasting source of clean water and to help them develop safe hygiene practices that lead to prevention of diseases.

We know that our simple goal ‚Äď to end child hunger ‚Äďinvolves a complicated path, one where we must join forces and move forward together. Malnutrition is a complex adversary, but we know that it can be beaten and we know how to do it. There is a great deal of work to do. And we cannot do this alone.Get Involved!




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