Fight Hunger Foundation provides training on management, research and treatment of malnutrition

Fight Hunger Foundation promotes community based approaches for the management of acute malnutrition

Fight Hunger Foundation works towards prevention, detection and treatment of malnutrition


Fight Hunger Foundation is

  • A not-for profit Indian organisation
  • A Charity supported by Prof. M.S.Swaminathan
  • An ambition for our Nation: creating a hunger-free India

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Upcoming event in January 2014

A Charity Dinner

A prestigious Gala Dinner is organized on 27th January 2014 to celebrate and support the creation of Fight Hunger Foundation In the presence of the Guests of Honour Madame Valérie Trierweiler, Fight Hunger Foundation’s Ambassador and Dr Nita Ambani.

Taj Mahal Palace has very generously agreed to sponsor this event in partnership with Moët & Chandon...Read More

For more information contact +91 9819775009

Press Release

Jan 21st, 2014 – Professor MS Swaminathan and Ashwini Kakkar to launch first Indian organization dealing exclusively with acute malnutrition with the support of Madame Valérie Trierweiler, Ambassador of Fight Hunger Foundation....Read More


Our Ambition

Fight Hunger Foundation focuses on the 8 million Indian children affected today by under nutrition

310 000

Beneficiaries to be reached in 2014



Medical & paramedical staff to be trained in 2014


Severly malnourished children to be treated with medical nutrition therapy in 2014